Wood Buildings & Lateral Loads

          The objective of this interactive tutorial is to provide you with an introductory exposure to the structural behavior and the estimation of lateral loads due to wind  and seismic events for low-rise wood buildings.  The load development procedures presented here are done according to the 1997 version of the Uniform Building Code.  The proper determination of loads is one of the most import steps in the design process.  Even if the design of the structural components is correct, improperly calculated loads will cause the structure to be incorrectly designed.

          You will be shown how a "box" building is modeled and its anticipated response to wind and seismic induced loads. You will practice estimating the magnitude and direction of lateral loads by following the provisions provided 1997 version of the Uniform Building Code – one of three U.S. model building codes – that is widely adopted throughout the Western United States.

Introduction - Structural Behavior

Tutorial 1 - An introduction to Wind Loads on Buildings

Tutorial 2 - (available soon) An introduction to Seismic Loads on Buildings

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