Group Projects

last updated: October 16, 2000

Project 2:  The second project for the course is to design (design only) a timber bridge for the National Timber Bridge Design Competition (NTBDC).  You are not required to construct and test the bridge, but of course you may.  The NTBDC is an annual competition (like the steel bridge or concrete canoe) sponsored by ASCE and the Forest Products Society.  The competition includes building and testing the bridge, but for this class project you are only required to develop a "reasonable/competitive" design that complies with the rules set forth in competition.  The rules and design requirements are available at the following website:  The project requirements are as follows:

Note that you may post questions regarding rules interpretation on the NTBDC website.  If you do so, please let Dr. Fridley know.  



Project 1:  Reference our classroom discussion on Friday, 1 September.   From the list of material types, write a "state-of-the-art" paper discussing the history, development, and future of the wood or wood-based material type of interest to you and your group.  Include trends in the material use, with examples wherever possible.  As you work on this project, please utilize the discussion list.  Post questions, comments, etc. about what you learn (and what you see others finding).  Be complete, and be sure to include any and all (as many as possible) references. Follow ASCE's format guide found at:  You are also encouraged to work with the WSU Writing Center prior to submitting your paper to me for grading.  If you do utilize this lab, I will  add 5 percentage points to your project grade and extend the due date by one week.  Please work in groups of two or three (self-selected).  DUE 11 September 2000 if you do not use the Writing Center, 18 September if you do use the Writing Center.